Effective hands-on treatment for movement restoration.


Treatment Overview

Katrine Cakuls’ manual therapy works on the whole person to restore movement in the body in order to decrease pain and improve general health.

She considers all aspects of a patient’s life, assesses mobility in the body’s systems, then isolates the strains that are the root cause of the problem.

Her experienced hands work throughout the body to release these restrictions, allowing the muscles, joints, organs, blood and nervous systems to work optimally, freeing the body’s capacity to repair itself, The result is comfortable movement, increased energy, and good health, all achieved naturally.


Musculoskeletal Problems

Back,neck,arm and leg pain. Headaches and jaw pain/TMJ pain

Organ Related Problems

Constipation, irritable bladder, gastric reflux, ear ringing, sinusitis

Nervous System Complains

Vertigo, anxiety, insomnia, attention difficulties

Women's Health Issues

Vaginal pain, menstrual cramping, pregnancy related pain, fertility

Infant & Children's Issues

Colic, sleeplessness, flat head syndrome, torticollis, scoliosis

Specialised Techniques

Two hands-on techniques that can be key to resolving the root cause of recurrent problems and chronic pain

Scar Integration

Scars whether old or new, from common procedures such as Caesarian section, appendix removal, hernia repair, face lifts, and hip replacement, can cause tension on surrounding joints, causing muscles to pull inefficiently, resulting in pain.

Katrine’s specialised hands-on treatment technique, Scar Integration, can help decrease the effects of these scars, providing an overlooked key to resolving the root problem in chronic pain and tightness.

Dental Integration

Dental procedures such as root canals, wisdom tooth extraction, braces/Invisalign, bridges, and implants can create tension in muscles and fascia of the jaw, head, neck and potentially be the underlying problem in jaw pain or TMJ syndrome, headaches, neck and shoulder pain.

Using hands-on techniques, Katrine works to release these strains resulting in longer-lasting, more powerful pain relief.


what to expect

During the one hour session, a thorough medical history is taken, followed by physical examination and hands-on treatment.

Appointments are scheduled based on the needs of the individual. Initially, the patient may be seen weekly for 1-3 visits. Time in between sessions is necessary to allow the body to integrate the work. As a patient’s health improves, the frequency of treatment decreases.

The goal of treatment is to allow the body to naturally heal and regulate itself, so that intervention is not necessary.