Free your body's natural ability to heal itself.


by Katrine CakULs



For over 28 years, Katrine Cakuls has been working to help patients to feel better through hands-on treatment.

Drawing on her training in osteopathic manual practice and physiotherapy, Katrine’s refined, gentle yet effective approach works to restore movement and decrease pain from physical and/or emotional strains.

Following the success of her clinic in New York, Katrine has now expanded her practice and is based in London, with clinics in Mayfair, West London and Clerkenwell.

Listening with skilled hands and benefitting from extensive medical training and clinical practice, Katrine Cakuls will facilitate your recovery from injury and surgery. She is a wise practitioner who integrates mind, body and spirit in the healing process.

Helping patients to feel better naturally.



Katrine began her career in 1986 as a physiotherapist. Always motivated to improve her knowledge and skills, she then went on to graduate from the Canadian College of Osteopathy in 1997.

Working internationally in Canada, England, Australia and America, treating in hospitals, and private clinics, addressing all levels of fitness and health, from wheelchair-bound patients, to office workers, and Olympic athletes, with ages ranging from newborns to 100 year olds, Katrine has helped people achieve optimal health.

Her work has been featured on national television in America, and she has been quoted in a book by author Naomi Wolf.

In 1997, Katrine co-founded a private clinic in Manhattan, and in 2015, expanded her practice to London, England where she is now based.

Team work has been a guiding principal throughout Katrine’s career. She is a member of the multidisciplinary, international medical team, Optimal Health Consultancy.

In addition to her work with patients, Katrine has developed and teaches courses including: anatomy for movement professionals, and a mind-body guide to menopause.


Physiotherapy - BHSc.P.T. McMaster University, Canada 1986

Osteopathic Manual Practice - D.O.M.P. Canadian College of Osteopathy 1997

Postgraduate Studies - Ongoing studies in osteopathy with Bernard Darraillans, DO and Philippe Druelle, DO


Effective hands-on treatment for movement restoration.


Treatment Overview

Katrine Cakuls’ manual therapy works on the whole person to restore movement in the body in order to decrease pain and improve general health.

She considers all aspects of a patient’s life, assesses mobility in the body’s systems, then isolates the strains that are the root cause of the problem.

Her experienced hands work throughout the body to release these restrictions, allowing the muscles, joints, organs, blood and nervous systems to work optimally, freeing the body’s capacity to repair itself - the result is comfortable movement, increased energy, and good health, all achieved naturally.

what to expect

During the one hour session, a thorough medical history is taken, followed by physical examination and hands-on treatment.

Appointments are scheduled based on the needs of the individual. Initially, the patient may be seen weekly for 1-3 visits. Time in between sessions is necessary to allow the body to integrate the work. As a patient’s health improves, the frequency of treatment decreases.

The goal of treatment is to allow the body to naturally heal and regulate itself, so that intervention is not necessary.


Musculoskeletal Problems

Back, neck, arm and leg pain. Headaches and jaw pain / TMJ pain.

Organ Related Problems

Constipation, irritable bladder, gastric reflux, ear ringing, sinusitis.

Nervous System Complains

Vertigo, anxiety, insomnia, attention difficulties.

Women's Health Issues

Vaginal pain, menstrual cramping, pregnancy related pain, fertility.

Infant & Children's Issues

Colic, sleeplessness, flat head syndrome, torticollis, scoliosis.

Specialised Techniques

Two hands-on techniques that can be key to resolving the root cause of recurrent problems and chronic pain:

Scar Integration: Scars whether old or new, from common procedures such as Caesarian section, appendix removal, hernia repair, face lifts, and hip replacement, can cause tension on surrounding joints, causing muscles to pull inefficiently, resulting in pain.

Katrine’s specialised hands-on treatment technique, Scar Integration, can help decrease the effects of these scars, providing an overlooked key to resolving the root problem in chronic pain and tightness.

Dental Integration: Dental procedures such as root canals, wisdom tooth extraction, braces/Invisalign, bridges, and implants can create tension in muscles and fascia of the jaw, head, neck and potentially be the underlying problem in jaw pain or TMJ syndrome, headaches, neck and shoulder pain.

Using hands-on techniques, Katrine works to release these strains resulting in longer-lasting, more powerful pain relief.

What others are saying..




Whether commenting on Ms Cakuls exceptional skills, her overall knowledge of the body and of medicine, her warmth and compassion, her professionalism, and most of all their consistent improvement following their treatment with her. It was an amazingly rewarding collaboration between Ms Cakuls and myself in terms of contributing to the health of my patients.  With her leaving New York City to work out of London, she has left a huge void in the world of cranial osteopathic medicine in New York City. My patients, my family and I will thoroughly miss her.
— Dr.RE in New York

I am a busy family physician and homoeopathic physician in New York City, and for the last 15 years, I have referred countless numbers of my patients to Katrine Cakuls for cranial osteopathic manual therapy. The feedback from my patients has been consistently incredibly positive. London is very lucky to have her now.
— Sharon Herzfeld, MD

Katrine Cakuls has been an integral part of my well-being for nearly 20 years. There’s no other way to describe Katrine other than calling her a “wizard”… She is a healer unlike any other I’ve seen.
— Nilou Motamed Editor, Food and Wine magazine; TV personality

Listening with skilled hands and benefitting from extensive medical training and clinical practice, Katrine Cakuls will facilitate your recovery from injury and surgery. She is a wise practitioner who integrates mind, body and spirit in the healing process.
— France Sommer Anderson, Ph.D, SEP

Katrine is extraordinarily knowledgeable and experienced, a natural healer of the first rank, who inspires confidence and is a great source of healing related information.
— Partner NYC law firm

Katrine is an exceptionally skilled manual therapist…She is the rare therapist who is sought out by top professionals within healthcare.
— Susan Shockett NYC Bodyworks