Featured in 'Vagina: A New Biography' by Naomi Wolf

Naomi Wolfe consulted Katrine when writing her book, 'Vagina: A New Biography'.

Katrine Cakuls is a highly trained Manhattan cranial osteopath at Cranial Osteopathic Approach, who heals women by, among other treatments, doing internal nonsexual vaginal work. She is also sure that emotion affects women’s vaginal sensitivity and muscle tone and can even exacerbate vaginal and other kinds of pathology. She, too, believes from her experience in her own practice, that when she “frees” tensions in the vagina, she can free other emotional issues in the female mind that may have gotten stuck, releasing areas of a woman’s creativity and sexual health that had been suffering from low vitality.
— Naomi Wolfe


A Healthy You with Carol Alt

Carol Alt interviewed Katrine about Visceral Manipulation a practice that changed Carol’s life. Carol suffered from pelvic pain and tried many techniques relieve this pain but it wasn’t until she met Katrine and tried Visceral Manipulation that she was able to feel better.

Barbican Life Magazine Feature, Sep 2015


Stephanie Ross keeps us informed about some specialist treatments available in the Barbican/Clerkenwell area and the science behind some of the treatments offered...